Timber Frame Technical Information

We develop timber frame homes using post and beam construction in a variety of ways.

Timber Frame Design

Timber Frame Home

We can provide complete planning and design services using a team of designers, draftsman and engineers. We can develop a design for your property that carefully takes into consideration all environmental factors, developing a plan for a home that will meld with the natural surroundings. We also build timber frame homes from the plans of others and can adapt post and beam frames to almost any design or renovation.

Selection of Materials

Timber Frame Logs in Water

One of the first and most important considerations in crafting a quality timber frame is the timber. The selection of logs with less than six growth rings per inch is a standard we have set in order to cut timbers that will remain dimensionally stable. This reduces the natural movement of a timber while it adapts to its new environment.

Selection of Timber Frame Materials

All timbers are kiln dried adding further stability to the materials. This insures that every connection will remain tight after completion. Because of the high quality of materials employed, we are able to use off-cut pieces and any re-sewn imperfect materials as trim and flooring for our homes, reducing the amount of waste, costs, and subsequent environmental impacts.

Cabinet Grade

Cabinet Grade Timber

Our materials are of cabinet grade quality. This limits the movement of timbers and ensures joinery stays tight. All grains are selected for use to present a visually appealing finish. The cabinet shown here was constructed using off-cuts from post and beam materials.

Our Timber Frame Shop

Whistler Timber Frame Carpentry Shop

Our shop allows us to construct timber frames year round in a controlled environment. This gives us a head start on the short building season in Whistler. Being able to build frames inside the shop also enables us to completely sand and pre-finish all of the components that have been cut and pre-fit before shipping them to the building site. This protects the materials from the weather, and makes it easier to apply the final finish after the frame is erected.

We often pre-fit sections of a frame in our shop as it is being cut, to test our joinery for accuracy and to help us envision the finished product.

Timber Frame Joinery & Craftsmanship

Timber Frame Construction

The craft of joining posts and beams together has been used for centuries. We use these methods of joinery and apply them to modern day architectural designs. The biggest challenge we face is designing connections that meet engineering standards while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the craft. To satisfy these engineering standards we are often forced to use mechanical steel connectors, hidden in the posts and beams and held together with bolts that are recessed in from the surface. The hole is then plugged with maple doweling and hammered on the edge to bring back an authentic traditional look to the connection.

Timber Frame Joints

Every piece is hand cut and great care is taken so that each post or beam is oriented to maximize its aesthetic attributes in the frame. Our passionate attention to detail is what makes our timber frame homes beautiful, timeless and unique.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about how The Whistler Timber Frame Co. designs and builds.

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