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Paul Suter, owner/operator of The Whistler Timber Frame Company, has decades of experience crafting timber frame homes.

Paul Suter"I am physically involved in the building of every home, and with the help of a dedicated crew, I work hard to provide the most enjoyable experience for the homeowner as possible.

I am not a development company. I have a personal attachment to every home I build. I find it essential to stay intimately involved throughout the building process. As the building evolves into a home, I often find areas that can be improved on, whether it is my design or someone else's. If I am on site every day, I am able to build the best home possible and keep strict control over the budget.

From choosing the right logs to the last minute details, when building a home, I am personally involved in the entire process, and it shows in my finished timber frame homes.

I put my name and reputation behind everything we do!"

Paul Suter

Paul Suter
Whistler, BC, Canada

Office: 604.932.3816
Mobile: 604.905.8426
Email: Contact Me

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An unequalled personal commitment to your new home.

We build every home like it was our own.